Doors- Two Doors in Boston

A camera travels

Boston showed me some wonderful doors. These two on Newbury Street made me want to move to Boston, move into one of these lovely Boston Brownstones and just become a Bostonian.  I did learn that there is no such thing as Brown Stone, it’s actually a rock, that is very granular and extremely porous and has the rather scary name of Triassic Sandstone…dinosaurs on the front steps anyone?

There were large deposits in the Connecticut River Valley and in early days, the cost of mining, and the abundance made it the building material of choice. However, the rocks are now scarce, and difficult to work with. Apparently if you don’t cut across the grain and  something called  laid ashlar— the grain has to run  perpendicular to the building’s height- all too technical for me. The stone crumbles and breaks from not only the building’s weight, but from the New…

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