Savannah Door

susan sheldon nolen:

I still haven’t figured out why this high threshold on this door.

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Susan Nolen's doorsThis door with the bricked up entry way stopped me dead in my tracks. Why brick up the entrance this way? I could only deduce since Savannah, Georgia was prone to wet storms that this was a way to keep the water out.  It’s not an old door, or if it is, the paint really hides the age perfectly, but I also couldn’t help notice the off angles of this door and the door handle smack in the middle. Great little door in Savannah Georgia.

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A Mexican Door in El Tuito



From this week’s blog post, I found this hand carved door in the little Mexican Village of El Tuito, Jalisco. It’s a great little village and I never expected to find a door like this!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward


The blue Greek door. An original post on the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward by blogger Retired2Travel.

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In this week’s challenge, Krista tells that, ‘Reward is filthy with possibility’.

Well, when we visited one of the Greek Islands, Santorini, we had ample time on our own to explore this beautiful paradise. Sure enough, our rewards came when we stepped out of the tourist area and explored where the locals lived.

Here are a couple of rewards:

Colours of Santorini Colours of Santorini

Greek Stillness, Santorini, Courtyard, Greek Stillness

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