There are no rules of membership other than an appreciation of doors!  Simple as that!

Want to join? Just leave a reply below with a link to your blog.  Please visit us on Facebook and “like” our page.

Mention the Legion on your own blogs to help spread the word.



The membership / contributor list is now located on the right hand side of the main blog.


157 thoughts on “Membership

    1. Shannon, sorry you have had problems. I have changed your rights on the site and hopefully you can now add content successfully. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.
      Thanks, Adrian

  1. I love this blog. I’ve loads of pictures of doors that I have no idea why I took the time to photograph, but looking at your pictures will make me look again. Great site. Thanks.

  2. What an awesome idea! I love doors! My boyfriend and I are traveling currently and I’m *always* photographing doors – of course he makes fun of me for it but I just can’t stop! I wonder what it is about doors….?

    1. Thanks for the link and as you will see I have reblogged it. Please let me know of any others you get submitted. I follow your blog and have been thinking of submitting some of my own photos.


  3. Hey there!
    The Wanderlust Gene stopped by my blog and saw my post on the “heaven’s doors” which she thought I should share with you, guys. So here is the link
    Since my blog name translates to “the ajar door” in English (nope, it doesn’t sound any better in Spanish haha) and I’m a big fan of doors (and windows!), I thought it might be fun to take part in your initiative. My blog is in Spanish so not suitable for reblogging but I can always share my doors with you and write something in English if interested?
    Please, let me know. I’ve always wanted to be a door whore (well, not really, but that’s not relevant).
    Keep prostituting doors! 🙂

  4. Hello Adrian ! I have come via Lynne Ayers lovely blog and spotted the LDW 🙂 …
    Pemission to join please ? 🙂

  5. Hi Adrian,
    first of all thanks for re-blogging my photo here and please find link to my blog below for membership..
    still i have some door photos waiting on the way to be published here 🙂

    1. Helen, I have no idea, as I’m not a contributor to any blogs myself. However I guess that you will have a link to the legion under your name, top right of the screen.

      If not let me know and I’ll ask one of the other legionnaires.

      1. Sorry Adrian, went to upload an image but got an error msg – “… activation key has already been used. If you don’t have access to this site, please ask the blog owner to send another…”

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Would love to see some of your instagram door shots on the LDW. If you would like to join the community and submit your images let me know.


      1. Uh oh.
        Now I am out of my technical depth. I just went through all the menus but see no reason for it.
        Can you email directly to ehpemm (_at_) Note the second ‘m’ from what I normally use. If not, maybe someone out there can tell me where to find the right switch to throw. Thanks!

                1. “Invitation not sent, the user has blocked invite emails.”

                  Same as last time, you need to check your wp settings to allow invite emails.


                  1. Thanks Adrian. Sorry to be such a pain. I have looked through all my wp settings and don’t see where that switch is located. Can you point me to it? Thanks again.

  6. Hi Adrian–it’s julie form You previously reblogged one of my door shots– of which I was greatly honored—I have a myriad images of doors from all over–mostly Europe—I even had a posting following a trip back in the fall to Austria, Prague and Berlin…”What’s in a door? Utilitarian necessity or art? I say both” …I would love to share some of the other doors with you—that is if you’d like them…..

  7. Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for reblogging one of my posts. Great idea you have here, lots of great contributions from bloggers the world over. Best Mark.

  8. Hi Adrian, great blog, and on a subject close to my heart. Think I’d better join the club 🙂 You say to leave a link to our own blogs so here is my current home page, with the most recent post on maps and games in literature.
    However, as door enthusiasts, I think fellow members may enjoy this post below even more. Yes, you guessed, direct from Dublin, it’s a little quiz on Dublin doors! I hope you like the opening quotation too. Best regards and respects on the great blog- Arran.

  9. Hi, what a great idea for a blog! I’d love to contribute – I have soooo many door pictures! Here’s the link to my blog: and you can see a couple of relevant pictures here.
    One from India:
    and one from Italy:

    I will like you on facebook and give you a plug when I next post a door picture. I sense one coming up soon….

  10. I’ve been following this blog for awhile but had no idea this was a group effort. What a novel concept. Well done! I love doors because they symbolize the thrilling prospect of finding something new. I always gleefully ask, “what’s behind that door?”

  11. Adrian, would you be horribly offended if I asked you to remove me from the list …? I find it very confusing on my dashboard … and also, and more importantly, I’m completely unlikely to be able to post anything more. I’ve done me dash, mate.
    Many thanks!

  12. Hi Adrian!

    Great blog & idea!

    I used to have a fences project during last year (I closed that blog).

    With one Russian bank we even printed “Fences Caledar 2014” (12 months = 12 images) – all the calendars were distributed as gifts among business people of Belgorod, Russia.

    I would like to participate in your project. Which doors are accepted? The ones you find in the street or in the house (room, kitchen)?

    1. Hi,

      I have just sent you an invitation to contribute directly to the LDW. The only rule is that the image posted must have a door as it’s dominant focus, so any sort of door is acceptable.

      Congratulations on getting your fences images published, a great accomplishment.

      I look forward to seeing some of your door images.

      Kind Regards


  13. I’ve been posting doors regularly on Thursdays for a few months now. I just discovered LoDW through a tag search for Doors – I love it! You have a new follower, and who knows; perhaps occasional contributor 😉

  14. Hej, I’d like to be part and post some of my doors-pictures on this blog. It’s a lovely project. Greetings from Herford, Germany. Lars Oliver

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