The number of contributors to the Legion of Door Whores is growing by the day.  Too many to list so please look at the Authors listed to the right of this page, and check out the Door Whore Community.

Long Live the Legion


70 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Great blog and idea! Love taking photos of doors and would love to be a contributor too. Any chance that you are looking for more contributors? 🙂

    1. Elisa, I have sent you an invitation by e-mail so that you can contribute direct. Looking forward to seeing some of your door shots. Regards, Adrian

      1. Thank you, Adrian! I have a shot of a lovely Georgian door that I’ve never posted because of the darned speed limit sign that I’ve never been able to brush properly. If you’re up for the challenge, have at it!! I looked and looked for the lamp post in your header picture and I can’t find a trace…

  2. I love this concept Adrian! Closed doors makes me wonder, “what’s on the other side?”. Open doors are invitations to step through and explore. Additionally, doors and doorway architecture are fabulous art forms and so fun to photograph!

    I’d greatly appreciate being a contributor on your blog if you can use another enthusiastic photographer!


  3. I was shocked when I came upon this blog…afterall, just yesterday I manifested a blog Behind These Doors because I also have a bit of an obsession with the notion of the door and it’s metaphorical meaning. I would truly appreciate your contributions as well. :0) I’m viewing my blog as a Global Collaboration of sorts…and wish to represent doors the world over. Rock on, door lovers!

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Kath, hope the shock was worth it? There are quite a few Door Whores in the Legion, which was only stated earlier this year. Feel free to reblog any of the posts on here to Behind These Doors. Perhaps we can support each other in the quest to collaborate internationally.

      I am going to put a post on here with a link to your blog so the other Legionnaires can visit.

      Long Live The Legion!

  4. I thought this was a novelty when it first started, but since I added my first contribution, Ive been hooked. Its great. So many doors out there!! 🙂 Brilliant blog.

  5. Pleeeeeeese can I join? Doors are fascinating and mysterious and many other things. I especially like green ones. What a great idea for a blog!

  6. Love it. Looove it. Thanks to Eduardo Rodriguez for pointing me this way, I guess after seeing my posts of doors in Spain. Can I be a whore? Please?

  7. Ooops. I jumped the gun. Should I be invited first? Being a door whore, I would fit in, if you like me.
    (pretty please… I would hate to close my doors on you.)

  8. Good morning from down under.

    Adrian, I can’t seem to get more than one photo to attach to posts for the Legion. They show on the side bar, but when I preview the page, only one photo appears. I use the ‘new post’ link on my WordPress blog, and select Legion of Door Whores. Do you have any advice for me?

    Thank you!

    1. G’day from the top of the planet.

      Have you tried to insert a gallery or an image? When you add new media there is a button top left I recall that says insert new gallery and that is what i use for multiple images on the same post.

      Hope that helps – I’m not that “au fait” with WP and tend to mess around until it works but never remember how i got there!!


      1. Thanks for the invite. I posted a photo and this comment was made under it, so I’m passing it along to you to respond to. Congrats on the nomination for the Sunshine Award!

        I gave you the Sunshine Award because I really like your blog! I love doors! If you don’t accept awards, ignore it but, if decide to accept it, here are the instructions:
        Great picture! Saludos! Silvia

        1. Thanks Silvia, and sorry for the delay in responding. I and the other Door Whores appreciate your award, but I took the decision not to post awards on the blog. Hope you don’t mind.

          Looking forward to more of your door posts.


  9. Hi Adrian, I attempted to reblog my latest post on Doors in Spain and I am not sure why the images aren’t showing or why it turned to a yellow background…any help is appreciated. Maybe you could reblog it for me? Thanks.

    1. Yellow background has gone (changed post type from gallery to standard) but can’t see how to get the images visible. Could be something to do with the original post being in gallery format so WP only re-blogs a link?

      Will have another look later / contact the happiness engineers.


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