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Travel Theme : Doors

cool door post by PP

Memories are made of this

I love oriental doors they are so colourful, especially the ones into the temples.

These are samples of Korean temple doors.

temple door_1536x2048

1942 double doors_2304x3072

When they are open you can see Buddha, serene and golden.

temple door open_1536x2048

The doors in Thailand are covered in gold and more ornate than the Korean ones.

324 door releaf figures_2119x2754

In the back streets of Bangkok this craftsman was proud to show us this door created for the English football club Chelsea. 

147 man with caved door_2304x2244

149 doors outside wood st0rage room_3072x2304

He’d also made doors for Arsenal and Liverpool.

Doors are endlessly interesting, wondering about the stories and lives that have unfolded behind them.


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things,

because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

Follow Ailsa through all the doors around the world she has opened this week.

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Tucson Christmas Door

this door (from SSN) really says Happy Holidays to me – so just wanted to share it here too – while wishing everyone a great holiday! (and thanks for the cool door Susan)

A camera travels

Susan Sheldon Nolen's Tucson Christmas DoorI went into the old historic area of Tucson, The Old Pueblo, and found this delightful and colourful door. All the colours supremely wild and bright, somehow work together for the Tucson Holiday Season! Here’s a very “Happy Christmas Door” from Tucson, Arizona.

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Railcar Rusty Door

doors on old train car-priorhouse 2014 - 1 door on old train car - priorhous e2014-2

Saturday (May 10th, 2014) was the 7th annual National Train Day – and with that in mind, here is a shot of a rusty door on an old railcar in Richmond, VA. 

Doors- A Green Dutch Door

Another cool photo from Susan Sheldon…

A camera travels

susan nolen's photograph of a dutch door in the sunlight

It was one of those beautiful sunny days and walking in the Hague I just had to stop and capture this door! The green door and its matching mailbox, and the plants glossy in the sunlight. I really wanted to go and put my name on this door. Open up! I want to move it!

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Thursday Doors

(En) A taste of France today!!!
(Fr) un goût de France aujourd’hui!!



No 8 – In the mouth of a lion is my most favourite door in the whole town. I love that beautiful wood and highly polished brass sitting under that strong face resting in the mouth of what appears to be a lion. I have posted this picture before but this door is special enough to merit more than one viewing.

IMG_7520 (1)

This door is of our little café Cercle La Corcorde which closed for the final time last week and is now all shuttered up awaiting her fate. She was the only bar in the village but had been in decline for the last few years with fewer and fewer people inclined to frequent its dark and dingy interior.. I believe she is owned by the Municipaltie who dont seem to care that we are now left without a local watering hole. I fear that the pace of change hereabouts…

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