little red steepled door

Boston, Massachusetts, Julie Cook / 2014


About Julie (aka Cookie)

Hi, my name is Julie. I'm a 58-year-oldโ€‹ wife, mom, and a retired educator. I was a high school art teacher for almost 31 years. I was lovingly given the nickname "cookie" by my students--hence the title of this blog. For a more detailed profile of who I am ---my interests and passions--- please see the "About" page regarding what makes the life of a "Cookie'

7 thoughts on “little red steepled door

    1. sadly is my lot in life, the owner of a digital camera–I’ve asked for a new one for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚
      and you should know that I actually took this picture form the back seat of a taxi as we were heading to the airport–I was having to lean over my husband as the church was looking out his side of the cab’s window—through a rolled up window—so all in all, given the precarious available time and condition, along with my little digital camera, I was actually glad I could get the image at all.
      I too would have liked a clearer image of the door as a whole, but I’ve learned that sometimes I’ve got to simply take what I can get. . .sorry it wasn’t more focused

      1. Oh how spouses block thy vision, but let me advise you of a license provision. The taxicabs mobility is at the customer’s direction and pocket. Next time request a haltage and raise the lens at leisure to your eye socket. – x
        (I was complaining of the digital engineers incapacity to construct a meter that can cope with depth of field, madam you have been done a mis-service, a Nikon bridge camera perhaps?)

          1. A camera magazine which talks of lens and meter and anti-vibration I suggest your needs will be unique, travelling at speed while shooting for instance,? But then I notice in your picture the grill on the coloured glass is not focused but is not blurred either, perhaps you have the right camera but its digital metering should be studied, but of course that may be too exciting a prospect?

            1. Obviously you can see that I am indeed an amateur who loves “trying” to capture whatever I stumble upon during my journeys–all with a digital point and shoot. Quick and easy does not always equate to good, let alone great. I don’t know much about photography—one would think an art teacher would / should know photography—but I don’t—never went that route with classes nor had a need when teaching. I am slowly learning but I don’t think I need complicated—I like the Sony’s—so we shall see ๐Ÿ™‚

              1. You know of depth of field, perspective, vanishing point, golden measure all fairly vital to composition and balanced image and aesthetic. You have a huge advantage wether you use oil paint or pixels. Please dont denigrate your talent if you teach others. All the above will be in the background of thought even if you snap a shot indeed the best photos are of images that present themselves. Thats why I “stroll”, good night cookie, sleep well.

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