With over 800 followers are any of them bothered about this alternative definition?



About Adrian Pym_

I am a UK based amateur photographer with a growing following (according to WordPress stats anyway). Favouring landscape photography of all varieties; rural, coastal and urban, and in mono, colour and selective colour formats. I am also a Digital imaging novice trying to learn the complexities of Photoshop and NIK software.

4 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. At first Adrian–you remember my trepidation–being 55 and a high school art teacher, the name did throw me a bit as I was not wanting to be viewed as one who, say wandered street corners looking for love or, as in the aforementioned definition, entrance to places I needed not venture—but then I figured, what the heck—we’ll buck the traditional usage and bravely pave our way. . . as door lovers shall unite! ๐Ÿ™‚
    hugs Adrian

  2. So many words and phrases are as ambiguous as the Legion’s, and I’m learning to be proud of the moniker and stand up as a portal prostitute, um, door whore…

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