Tonight I noticed that we hit 97% utilisation of the free 3GB space allowance, so I have now added a further 10GB for the next 12 months. It would be a shame to start deleting images from what is a fantastic collection of door imagery.

The upgrade of space is a mere US$20 and well worth the investment.

So lets push the limits, fill the additional space and really expand the Legion’s reach in the next 12 months!

If you could all put a small post / link to the Legion on your own Blogs that would really help to push the reach.

Thanks everyone for contributing and following what must be the best door site on the internet (?)

Adrian Pym



Door, Doors

About Adrian Pym_

I am a UK based amateur photographer with a growing following (according to WordPress stats anyway). Favouring landscape photography of all varieties; rural, coastal and urban, and in mono, colour and selective colour formats. I am also a Digital imaging novice trying to learn the complexities of Photoshop and NIK software.

4 thoughts on “Space at a premium

  1. Thank you Adrian—I’d be happy to send you some money to help offset the costs as I have truly enjoyed the blog. I so enjoy seeing the world and its doorways through the eyes of so many other good souls. I have learned as well as enjoyed seeing all the wonderful, historical, ancient, colorful, modern, obscure doors throughout this world of ours—just as I enjoyed wandering about, camera in hand, with a secret mission. . .to find the best door possible…no matter that many have opened up as I was in mid shot, leaving me crouched awkwardly before door owner—the adventure has been grand indeed. Thank you allowing me to be a part of something special –
    Now I’m off to BBQ a little chicken— 🙂

    1. Julie, thank you for your comments and I’m with you totally on our “secret mission”. Thank you also for all your contributions which I enjoy viewing immensely.

      The money is not an issue, but thank you for your offer. Maybe next year, when we need 20 Gb to store all our images I may ask the community for contributions.

      Hope you had a good BBQ.


  2. Adrian – thanks for upgrading – and muchas gracias for being so open to have others contribute with this artsy endeavor – because I know for me it has been a nice enrichment. Your door blog has enhanced my love for doors – while it has also helped me notice even more art in doors as I share ones I find, while I also soak up what you and other photographers (I mean door whores) discover here and there – ha!

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