A New Orleans Thing


You see this a lot. Half finished. You see this a lot. Half finished.

My little town.

We often get sidetracked. We start something and forget to finish the job. Sometimes it takes years to get back to the task.

Usually, you see the front of a building that has been painted and the sides left for another time.

But, not this building. Something really got in the way. I’m hoping it was a beer or a mixed drink. Or, a lot of beers and drinks. But, I fear the worst. This building is located in a really rough neighborhood. I’m not sure that I’d work there even in the blue light of dusk. I’m thinking that someone started to put some real work into this rehab project. The bare wood isn’t worn. It’s been stripped and patched in places. Someone doing that kind of work wouldn’t just leave it. Whatever happened was in the past. The pink paint is…

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