Doors- Spinoza’s House Arrest Door

A camera travels

photo by susan sheldon nolen of Spinoza's Door in the HagueWhat a door and what a sad reminder that we do not tolerate free thinking, or freedom of religion as a society in whole. I only need mention the current plight of the Christian Woman, Meriam Yeyha Ibrahim, condemned to 100 lashes as soon as she finishes nursing her new-born child. Her crime? Not giving up her faith and accepting Islam.

We have not learned tolerance as a species. Here we have Spinoza born 1632 in Amsterdam, born to a family of means, a family that had been driven out from Portugal for their faith, finally finding refuge in Holland. He was a great thinker, wether or not you agree with his thoughts.  But when you try to exercise your beliefs and they are not of the common man, then you must either silence yourself, or become a blind follower.

It takes a supreme form of courage to go against religious zealots…

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I am a UK based amateur photographer with a growing following (according to WordPress stats anyway). Favouring landscape photography of all varieties; rural, coastal and urban, and in mono, colour and selective colour formats. I am also a Digital imaging novice trying to learn the complexities of Photoshop and NIK software.

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