Sutton Hall, University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas, Door, Architecture, Historic
Sutton Hall, University of Texas

About Jane Lurie

Hello! I love photography. Always have. I delight in the personal challenge of paring a scene down to its essentials: a telling expression, a ray of light, a fine detail or a stunning contrast. The "art of seeing" is something that I try to practice every day. I am always looking... for the light, the landscape, nature's beauty or that special face.

4 thoughts on “Sutton Hall, University of Texas, Austin

  1. The metallic blue gives it a rather prison-like look in this photo, but still a handsome pair of doors. Why isn’t the fanlight painted too though?

    1. Hi Calmgrove– This door always catches my eye when we visit the campus and I agree, it does look prison-like, although the building is Spanish revival and it all fits together architecturally. True– the fanlight would look good in blue. Thanks for appreciating!

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