The Doors of San Francisco

David Ryan Photography

Collage of 4 doors
While prowling about Dublin sometime in the remote past, I found a poster that I quite admired.  It was called the “Doors of Dublin” and was a collage of fifty or so photographs of exactly that:  the doors of Dublin.  I thought, “Gee, that’s a good idea!”  As I continued my meandering through the sides streets of my ancestral capitol, I kept my eyes open for some of my own “doors of Dublin” but found only a few worth recording.  I realized that one would have to spend a lot of time door hunting to put together such a collection.

Several years later, while living in San Francisco, I was approached by Corel Corporation to produce a series of photo collections.  One of these was “the doors of San Francisco”.  Evidently, the boss had a thing for doors and wanted to know if it would be possible for me to…

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About Adrian Pym_

I am a UK based amateur photographer with a growing following (according to WordPress stats anyway). Favouring landscape photography of all varieties; rural, coastal and urban, and in mono, colour and selective colour formats. I am also a Digital imaging novice trying to learn the complexities of Photoshop and NIK software.

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