Cave Houses

Cave Houses

Cave Houses. Image taken in the MEN Village, Shaanxi Province China on a cold winters day. These cave houses are cut out from the sandstone rock, warm in winter and cool in summer.


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Hi world, My name is Mark Lawrence I'm an Englishman in Shanghai ( Not New York, Sorry Sting). I photograph China and beyond through my 'English Eyes'. I'm a father of four fantastic children, each of which has their own special sets of skills, talents and passions for their own futures. I'm married to May my beautiful Chinese wife, May is my soul mate and keeper of my sanity. I hope you like what see and experience here on my blog, thank you so much for taking time out of your life to visit, please stop by again soon to see what my 'English Eyes' continue to capture in magical China and beyond. BTW, I also have another photo blog , this site is for images i capture in other countries around the world, please stop by and let me know your thoughts. Thanks and Regards Mark

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