Thursday Doors

(En) A taste of France today!!!
(Fr) un goût de France aujourd’hui!!



No 8 – In the mouth of a lion is my most favourite door in the whole town. I love that beautiful wood and highly polished brass sitting under that strong face resting in the mouth of what appears to be a lion. I have posted this picture before but this door is special enough to merit more than one viewing.

IMG_7520 (1)

This door is of our little café Cercle La Corcorde which closed for the final time last week and is now all shuttered up awaiting her fate. She was the only bar in the village but had been in decline for the last few years with fewer and fewer people inclined to frequent its dark and dingy interior.. I believe she is owned by the Municipaltie who dont seem to care that we are now left without a local watering hole. I fear that the pace of change hereabouts…

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