Doors- Sandy Row Synagogue

A camera travels


I was quite surprised and pleased to find this bright blue door in a sea of brown bricks. It wasn’t quite a burst of sunshine on a dark dull day, but it came pretty close to it!  We all have preconceived notions and for me, it was a bright blue door on a  synagogue that surprised me.

Sandy Row Synagogue has been around for yonks.  So many places of worship live different lives and this little door was no different. It started out in 1766  as a church founded by the refugees of the Huguenots who named it,  L’ Eglise de L’ Artillerie. It wasn’t even Sandy Row back then, it was Parliament Street. Then life goes on and it became an Universalist Baptist Church, then Unitarian, then Scottish, until it was bought in the mid ninetieth century  by a Jewish Society–– The Comforters of Mourners Kindness and Truth Society…

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I am a UK based amateur photographer with a growing following (according to WordPress stats anyway). Favouring landscape photography of all varieties; rural, coastal and urban, and in mono, colour and selective colour formats. I am also a Digital imaging novice trying to learn the complexities of Photoshop and NIK software.

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