Doors- Why Doors?

A camera travels

litho2This door is in Klaipeda Lithuania. It was a mixture of the old and new. Old worn wood of the door competes with the brand new cement surround, and of course above the door, a carved wooden dragon of sorts guards those coming in and out.  The carved wooden dragon is a Lithuanian art form. One finds all sorts of carved wooden objects in this northern country.

I had a conversation with a little chap the other day. We were sharing what we loved doing. He, a video-game and some funny YouTube Videos. Trying to keep things age appropriate, I decided to show him some of my photos of doors.  You could have stopped the world with his shock.

You photograph DOORS??????



They are actually quite interesting.

Doors? My friends are never going to stop talking about this! Never. This is not even something old people do.


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