Doors- Double meaning? Or a joke?

A camera travels

Photograph of a door with three stone icons by susan sheldon nolen

I had to stand in a little alley way to get this door in full frame. The door itself fools the eye as it is in reality, a very short door. It is the impressive bits around the door the boost this doors confidence. There are two very fierce lion beasts guarding the door. The only thing stopping them from tearing passerbys to bits is the round bit in the mouth. But when you look up, there is a cheeky chap laughing. Why? Was this all a good joke on the passerby, no…no, come in, my two little pets are very harmless…or…the more sinister…come in if you dare and  oooh…. what joy to see you torn apart? Any answer contradicts itself. Is the laughter bringing joy into the house, or laugher at the foolish world outside? A harmless looking door with a rather dark side to it.

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