Doors- A locked door at Chislehurst Caves

A camera travels

Photograph of a Door at Chislehurst Caves, London, by Susan Sheldon NolenThis door really had me puzzled. The entrance way was wide and flanked with two stone columns. That massive, but fading  headpiece, made me believe that there was an amazing door hidden behind these two wood panels with a sturdy pad lock on them. ( I did try it! )

I could be wrong and the door behind those plywood doors might just be ordinary. Doors that had been replaced after a WWII bombing raid  with a modern glass door, or it could be a marvellous Art Deco Door! It drove me mental not knowing. I did ask someone at the caves and got an old dear, who clearly thought the heat of the day was getting to me, and replied with…  “What’s behind the locked door? Fancy a cup of tea, love? You look like you might need one. ”

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the power of a…

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