Basically functional

I blame The Wanderlust Gene. She got me here. She saw a post of mine where I had made a collage of some of the doors I had shot at Jerusalem and suggested I should have a look at this “brothel”. And I fell for it straightaway. It was love at first sight. I’m a big fan of doors (and windows!). So why not sharing the love?

This is my first post so let me make something clear. I’m not a photographer (seriously!). I’m not even into photography (no kidding!). In fact, I’m one of those people who need to take hundreds of hundreds of pics of the same thing so I can end up with a “potable” one. Most of the time I’m just left with loads of mediocre shots. Thus, be kind on me. I’m not saying this because I need to be reassured. I’m not looking for compliments. I just want you to know I take photos because I like sharing what I’ve seen with others. Like the rest of mortals, I guess.

Since it seems allowed to post doors with people and animals on, I’ll begin my contribution by posting my gravatar profile photo (original, hey?). It was taken at Wenchi Lake, Ethiopia, after a stunning walk through the Magic Valley (I know!) and along the lake. It brings fond memories of my time there.

Hope you like it too.

Read you soon. Until then, be happy,

The Door Whore


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